Easier and faster when commenting on images

Without Visual Comment
Normally when you want to comment on images you have to use photo editing software like Paint, Photoshop. Then will upload to Redmine.
But when you want to edit or add comments you have to start over.
It really takes time!
With Visual Comment
① You can write comments on the image easily and fastly.
②You also can add, delete, edit comments as with text without re-manipulating.
③Web page capture mode and upload photos from memory to save your time.
For example with 10 comments, it is estimated to be reduced from 5 minutes to 1 minute.
Easy Upload
Visual Comment can upload an image by copy in memory, upload local file or web page capture in PC and SP mode.
Web page capture
Visual Comment can upload by automation screen capture all website in PC and SP mode.
This is useful for a web design company.
Security Access via Redmine authentication
Visual Comment is a plugin for Redmine.
Therefore, decentralization to view, edit, delete comments in Visual Comment is the same as in Redmine.
Galerry & Video
Visual Comment on Redmine ticket
Upload image button on Visual Comment screen
Upload image screen on Visual Comment screen
After upload image on Visual Comment screen
Add multi comment on Visual Comment screen
Back Redmine screen after add 3 comment
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